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ICA Student Storefront Booking

Storefronts become available for scheduling a few days prior to the date and time. Please take a moment to make a note of these general guidelines. These storefronts are valuable assets to our fundraising efforts and it is important that we follow the rules closely so as not to jeopardize future availability.

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Begin by selecting a Storefront location to view its availability.

Storefront Instructions & Guidelines

  1. Storefronts become available on Monday of the same week. Check back frequently for new storefronts and bookings being added.
  2. Each family may make a maximum of 1 total booking (2 slots) on any given weekend. If these limits have been exceeded, the booking may be canceled. Please respect these limits so that all families have a chance to make use of these storefronts.
  3. Most Storefronts bookings are a 1-hour slots for up to 2 students. Single-student families should only select 1 student reservation and allow someone else to book the 2nd reservation unless you are booking on behalf of another student. If you are making a booking for 2 students, you must make a reservation for both. You cannot make a reservation for 2 or more students on a single booking. 
  4. Bookings for ICC are for after each designated mass on Sundays only. There is only one student OR family allowed for each after mass booking. This is a SPECIAL RESERVATION and each family is only allowed to book a selling spot after a Sunday mass one time during the length of the annual fundraiser. If this is rule is violated your booking will be CANCELLED! A table and fundraiser signage will be available in the vestibule to use. Please ensure that after the 12pm and 5pm masses that you return the table and signs to the vestibule when you are finished. 
  5. If you reserve a Storefront booking and cannot make your booking time, please cancel your booking using the cancelation link in your confirmation email as soon as possible to allow others a chance at the opportunity. If you do not show up to your reservation and do not cancel with adequate notice you are denying someone else the opportunity, and your future opportunities to book a Storefront will be prohibited.
  6. Please dress in school uniform. Remember who you are representing.
  7. Please make use of the signs and posters we have printed out for you instead of or in addition to your own homemade posters. They give us credibility. We want people to know who we are and what we’re about.
  8. It is a good idea to check in at the store’s customer service when you arrive so that they are aware of your presence. It is a courtesy to management and some stores require it.
  9. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times. Take an extra adult if needed. It is a matter of liability and we don’t want any problems with the authorities.
  10. Do your best to stay back from the doors and out of customers’ way. We don’t want to make a nuisance of ourselves by crossing in front of people or blocking the entrance.
  11. Always be courteous and kind. We will undoubtedly run into rude customers or competing fundraising groups, but we must remember who we represent at all times and make a good impression.
  12. Please contact the Fundraising Team ( with any problems you run into. We will contact the appropriate people and try to remedy the situation.

Click here to view a video tutorial on how to use the Student Storefront Reservation System.